Homemade Wing Chun Dummy Designs

Whether you train in Wing Chun or some other martial art, the idea of having a ‘partner’ you can beat up on 24/7 is an appealing idea. Enter the Mook Yan Jong or the Wing Chun dummy. If you are low on money, but full of inspiration, you can try constructing your own Wing Chun dummy. Below are a few approaches to doing so:

This isn’t terribly helpful, unless you plan on spending a fair amount of money and time (somewhat defeating the point, but the end result is being able to say you created it), but there is some great information here regarding size and other considerations:

This tutorial is very clever:

Here is a second video. Be sure to check this out as well:

And here is a list of Wing Chun dummy plans. Even if you are using the technique above (as well as other PVC or similar substitute technique) you can use these plans to ensure the proper dimensions:

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