Inspiration from Our Beginnings

No matter how much we love training, there will be times when we fall into a rut. There will be times when we don’t feel inspired or passionate about our training. At points in our lives it will feel like a chore or like ‘work’. How do we overcome this?

In other areas of life we encounter this same thing, even in the area of faith. I mention that because the problem reminds me of advice that was given to a church that had lost its way. They were doing good work, they were standing strong and doing the right things – but that was all they were doing. They were going through the motions.

To overcome this God told them they had left their first love, and that they should return to the things they did at first.

When I find my inspiration dwindling I stop and sit still a moment and think back to when I first began my Kung Fu training. When I showed up early so that I could sit and think about the things I had already learned, and the things I will learn in the future. I think back to when I worked my forms and techniques daily, not be because I needed to keep them fresh but because I loved doing it. When I think back to those times the inspiration returns. My training becomes new, fresh and alive again.

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