• Traditional Horse Stance
  • Traditional Warm-Ups
  • Basic Punches
  • Cudgel 32
  • Bai Pai Lohan

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.
Chinese proverb


Putting Some ‘Art’ into Martial Arts

Here is an interesting show, placing various Kung Fu forms into the format of a stage play. The creativity is great and the execution of the forms is excellent.

Dark and Intense Kung Fu – and Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen’s upcoming project Kung Fu Jungle (or Kung Fu Killer) looks dark – and amazing. The plot, as described on Budomate, sounds like it could have developed a great deal of depth and twists (somewhat rare in the genre), but may not have taken that route, judging by the spoilers throughout Budomate’s write up. […]

An Interview With a Martial Arts and Parkour Stuntman

BKO Kung Fu has recently posted an interview with the martial arts and parkour expert and professional stuntman Rustic B. In the interview they discuss his beginnings as a stuntman as well as how many times a stunt typically must be done before it is to the director’s liking. To read his insights into martial […]

The Core of Shaolin Kung Fu

Often times a student’s ultimate goal in learning martial arts is obvious, to learn how defend one self. Focusing entirely on this goal however is at the expense of the core intentions of the martial arts, which in the end may offer much greater benefit to the practitioner. Shaolin Kung Fu is just as mental, […]

Homemade Wing Chun Dummy Designs

Whether you train in Wing Chun or some other martial art, the idea of having a ‘partner’ you can beat up on 24/7 is an appealing idea. Enter the Mook Yan Jong or the Wing Chun dummy. If you are low on money, but full of inspiration, you can try constructing your own Wing Chun […]

Inspiration from Our Beginnings

No matter how much we love training, there will be times when we fall into a rut. There will be times when we don’t feel inspired or passionate about our training. At points in our lives it will feel like a chore or like ‘work’. How do we overcome this? In other areas of life […]